Volvo XC90 VR8 parked on a cobblestone street in front of an old building.

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Personal safety isn’t a luxury. It is a necessity. With the armoured version of our top-of-the-line Volvo XC90 we have taken one of the safest cars in its class and added the latest ballistic and blast protection technology, creating one of the best heavily armoured protection vehicles available today.

Our bullet and blast-proof civilian armoured SUV is designed to deal with the most precarious of
situations and offer a high level of personal protection while retaining the class-leading comfort
and convenience features for which the award-winning XC90 is renowned.

Volvo XC90 armoured according to VR8, red highlight showing reinforced area.

XC90 Armoured

Protective luxury

We have developed the Volvo XC90 Armoured to satisfy stringent VR8 level heavy armouring requirements in close collaboration with one of the world’s leading armoured vehicle suppliers, Trasco Bremen GmbH. The XC90 Armoured comes with full ballistic certification (VPAM BRV 2009) and explosive certification (VPAM ERV 2010), adding security to its Scandinavian style. It is fully certified for EU roads.

Preliminary specification

The Volvo XC90 Armoured adds the ultimate layer of personal protection to its class-leading safety, using the latest blast and ballistic protection technology. It is designed to protect what is important to you.

Base car

Volvo XC90 T6 AWD Inscription

Protection level

VR8 with full ballistic with explosive certification according to latest VPAM-norms

Standard equipment

Full EU road certification
Powertrain adapted to heavy duty
Complete wheels with run flat capacity
Emergency exit
Window lifter driver side
Self-sealing fuel tank
Tinted glass

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A forward facing Volvo XC90 VR8 armoured car.