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Business Commercial Loan

Volvo Car Financial Services> provides Secured Business Commercial Loans to eligible ABN holders. With a fixed rate and flexibility on terms and balloon&, it provides a premium experience and certainty of repayments to suit your business needs.
A Business Loan is a loan available to eligible ABN holders<. This includes eligible individuals who are self-employed with an ABN or individuals employed through a business that requires them to use a vehicle as part of their employment, subject to eligibility criteria.

Volvo Car Financial Services provides Secured Commercial Loans for business vehicle financing. Volvo Car Financial Services uses the purchased car as the security for the loan which can help to lower the interest rate applied to the loan, compared with unsecured or personal loans. Once the loan and any balloon payment is paid in full and as long as the customer has complied with the terms of the loan, the customer will own the vehicle outright.

Business Commercial Loan Benefits

Secured Commercial Loan financing provides flexible loan terms and, for eligible applicants, the option of a final balloon payment to reduce the ongoing loan repayments for your business&.

A fixed interest rate and repayments may allow for easier budgeting and certainty of costs.

Possible tax advantages may include the potential for the business to claim tax deductions such as depreciation and interest if the car is being used for business purposes*.
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> Vehicle finance is provided by Macquarie Leasing Pty Limited (trading as Volvo Car Financial Services) ABN 38 002674 982 (Australian Credit Licence Number 394925) (Macquarie Leasing). Volvo Car Financial Services is a registered business name of Macquarie Leasing and Macquarie Leasing is licensed to use such name and other trademarks under agreements with Volvo Car Corporation.
< Loan applications are subject to credit assessment and other terms and condition
& Loan applications, refinances and balloon amounts are subject to credit assessment. 
* Volvo Car Financial Services does not provide financial, accounting or tax advice. We recommend that you review the relevant documentation, your financial situation and form your own opinion or seek independent advice as to the financial, accounting and tax consequences of applying for an taking up any Volvo Cars Financial Services