Delivery Options

For Diplomat & Expat customers we offer several delivery options. Which suits best your life situation?

Delivery to your posting abroad

The most popular option is to have your new Volvo shipped to your current destination where you are assigned as a diplomat. We make sure your car will be shipped to a local dealer (assigned delivery point) close to your new destination or to the nearest possible port.

Direct shipment to your next posting

We can ship your new car directly to your next posting, but with some exceptions (depending on countries). Contact us for more information.

If your next destination is the US or Canada, you can purchase a US or Canadian specification car outside the US and Canada and have it delivered to the closest possible stateside retailer. Shipping and Marine insurance are included in the price.

Volvo On the Road

Home shipment from Europe to the US and Canada

A unique offer for US/Canadian diplomats in Europe. After having driven your US or Canadian specified car in Europe you have the possibility of dropping off your car at one of over 20 home shipment locations. The car will be taken care of by one of our agents who will arrange for the car to be delivered to either one of the Volvo US retailers or one of the specified Volvo Canadian retailers.

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VIP Factory Delivery in Sweden

Our most unique option is to take delivery at the Volvo Factory Delivery Center in the home city of Volvo – Gothenburg, Sweden. Get a personal presentation of your new car, experience the factory tour, Volvo museum and more.

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