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May 2016

A world of innovation

“Every Volvo innovation has been driven by the same goal. We want to create something useful for our customers, using their well-being as both our starting point and inspiration.” Karin André, Director, Volvo Corporate Innovation Office.

Innovation team

May 2016

Apple CarPlay

Want to know what happened when Volvo teamed up with Apple? Well, they completely transformed the in-car experience. Now, we’re ready to introduce the result of the unique collaboration. Simple, functional and groundbreakingly familiar.

Car Play


Made By Sweden

A place where our environment inspires us. Where we design things differently. Where technology is human and natural.


The Scandinavian sanctuary

Inside and out of the new S90 and V90, confidence and power is evident at every turn. Discover the inspiration behind the design by meeting the people who crafted it.

The Visionaries Part Two

The visionaries

The beauty of simplicity

The elegant design language in the new S90 and V90 embodies modern Swedish luxury. Discover the inspiration behind the design by meeting the people who crafted it.

The Visionaries

April 2016

Volvo Genuine Parts

They make your Volvo a Volvo.


The Dreamweavers

Volvos that will drive themselves, won’t crash and talk to other cars? Welcome to your future, with Trent Victor and Marcus Rothoff, leading the way at Volvo in defining the future of driving.


April 2016

Chicago stories

The connection between Chicago and Sweden runs deep. Like a brother and sister who have chosen different roads to follow but whose shared past forms an unbreakable bond. Follow us as we explore the Swedish side of the Windy City from the passenger seat of an XC90.


March 2016

Composed by nature

Swedish musician Amanda Bergman has been coming to Gotland since she was a child. We met up with Amanda to find out what it is about this little Swedish island that artists and musicians find so inspiring.

March 2016

Volvo Personal Service

We believe servicing your car should be simple. So we’ve reinvented the traditional idea of a workshop visit. By consigning old working methods to the past, we’ve created a new approach to service that’s faster, more efficient, and which takes care of you as well as it takes care of your car.

Volvo Personal Service

March 2016

Meet Volvo’s oil expert

We can all have a positive influence on the world around us. Whether it’s driving a car with low emissions or making sure you turn off the lights when you leave a room. It all makes a difference. Meet someone who is passionate about making a difference, Volvo’s resident oil expert, Sabine Fleiss.

Sabine Fleiss

March 2016

Genuine craftsmanship

Beautiful timepieces, patiently crafted with the greatest precision and designed to last for generations. This is why, when it comes to choosing a watch, people choose Sjöö Sandström. And why this Stockholm-based watchmaker has become a byword for quality and genuine craftsmanship.

Sjoo Sandstrom