Volvo Selekt XC70 on winding road



The smartest way to buy a quality pre-owned Volvo—with our commitment to your satisfaction. 

Selekt Cars Available

The only Pre-owned Car programme with a 90 days factory warranty, Volvo Pre-owned Car is a total package designed to give customers quality and reassurance, making Volvo Pre-owned Cars the closest thing you'll find to a new car.

Cars Available for Sale:

No. Model Year Colour Mileage Price (HKD)
3342 S60 T5 R-Design 2013/2014 Black Sapphire 23,055 259,800
3352 V60 T5 MR 2013/2014 White 23,055 299,800
3911 V60 T5 MR VEP 2014/2015 Rebel Blue 7,956 339,800
3972 XC60 T5 MR 2014 White 11,954 339,800
(Free GPS)
3976 XC60 T5 MR 2014/2015 Rich Java 6,000 399,800
3957 XC60 T5 MR 2014 Black 11,699 359,800
(Free Sports Kit)
3995 XC60 T5 R-Design 2014/2015 Grey 1,500 459,800
UVSB113 XC90 2.5T 2009 Titanium Grey 107,953 229,800
26-VCP XC90 2.5T SE 2009 Oyster Grey 165,170 83,800
109-VCP XC90 3.2 Sport MR 2008 Electric Silver 168,282 159,800
57-VCP XC90 3.2 Sport 2008 Black Sapphire 241,359 139,800

This online stocklist and prices are subject to change without prior notice. 
To view the most comprehensive selection of cars for sale, call 2927 3390 or visit the Volvo Showroom today.

A fresh start. Guaranteed.

When you buy a Volvo Selekt car, you’re getting more than a great pre-owned vehicle. You’re getting our commitment to your satisfaction. We accept only the best pre-owned Volvos, and we make them even better with our signature quality and safety.

All pre-owned vehicles receive the latest software upgrades, and Volvo-approved checks to certify they meet our safety, performance, and appearance standards. Each car also includes an extensive warranty and roadside assistance that gives you a great start with your chosen Volvo. To view Volvo Selekt cars, visit your local Volvo Cars website for more information.