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The all-new Volvo S60

Designed for driving

Confident, athletic and elegant, the S60 is the essence of good Scandinavian design. A dynamic sedan, one that projects confidence without shouting.

Crisp, sharp details enhance and complement the car's inherent strength and its sleek silhouette is an invitation to get in and drive. It's a drive that will inspire and excite you, one where effortless perfomance, an advanced chassis and intuitive technology combine to create a car that celebrates the joy of the road through the quality of its design.

From inside to out, the S60 is a sedan that will be a delight to the senses, whatever the driving situation.


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Explore the interior and exterior of the Volvo S60 with our interactive 360° view.

Look out from the drivers seat of the new Volvo S60
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The S60 highlights

Created for driving

The Volvo S60 is built for driving pleasure, with sophisticated suspension that gives it exceptional poise and responsiveness on the road.

In the zone

Supportive seats, a driver-focused dashboard and intuitive controls create an environment focused on enjoying the journey.

A dynamic presence

Powerful proportions, sculpted sides and a sleek profile make the S60 a sedan with a uniquely dynamic, elegant presence.

Powerful response

Advanced, lightweight petrol engine gives responsive acceleration.

Make it yours

Create your perfect Volvo S60. Choose from a wide range of colours, specifications and accessories.

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