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The new Volvo XC90 T8 Plug-in hybrid

Maximum comfort. Minimal environmental impact.

A Volvo XC90 drives along a sandy, windswept coast road

XC90. Recharge

The new XC90 lets you recharge while driving. Comfort is excellent, driving effortless and the upgraded Clean Zone keeps your interior air quality on top. The extended electric range means that most of your everyday driving can be fully electric and emission-free. And it’s actually not only you who recharge. The XC90 automatically recovers brake energy in to battery power.


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Volvo XC90 highlights

A front three-quarter view of the new Volvo XC90 driving along a Boston city street
Enjoy power, responsibly

The XC90 balances power with sustainability. A range of electrified powertrains includes mild hybrids and T8 Twin Engine models capable of zero-emissions travel.

An interior view of the front seats of the Volvo XC90
Luxury for up to seven

The XC90 is available with four, five, six or seven seats, depending on trim. Whichever version you choose, each seat is designed so that everyone sits in luxury.

A view of the driving environment of the Volvo XC90
The beauty of space

The cabin of the XC90 is designed to make your life easier. As well as ample space for passengers, there is a flexible load compartment with up to 1868 litres of space.

A static rear three-quarter view of the new Volvo XC90
Refinement, by design

The confident elegance of Scandinavian design principles bring a refined but powerful presence to the new XC90.

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