Let the V60 be your guide

Explore the world with intuitive technology that helps you find new experiences. This is Sensus Navigation in the new Volvo V60.


The world is becoming smaller yet more exciting than ever, thanks to the latest technology. Sensus Navigation in the new Volvo V60 has the power to help you find new experiences and new places to go, in a way that’s intuitive and easy to understand. Here are two of the ways that Sensus Navigation in the new V60 makes experiencing the world easier and more fulfilling, enabling you and your passengers to make the most out of every moment.

Easy interaction

Like every Volvo Cars innovation, the starting point for Sensus Navigation was understanding how people will use it – and making it easier. That’s why, for the V60, the experience centres on a touch screen with a portrait format that allows you to see more of the route ahead. The display is bold and clear, with 3D graphics that make it easier to see where you’re headed. The centrally mounted screen is easy to reach for both driver and front passenger and has been designed so that you can even use it while wearing gloves.

Key route information is also shown on the display directly in front of the driver, while the optional head-up display projects information onto the windscreen so that there’s no need to take your eyes off the road ahead when driving. And because the voice recognition understands natural speech patterns, finding your way is as easy as asking your passenger a question – there’s no need to memorise set prompts.

Connected thinking

With the availability of a range of useful apps, Sensus Navigation does more for you, helping you to make more of life’s moments. There’s an app that allows you to check the local weather. And you can share your location with friends and family using the Glympse app – ideal if you’re travelling in separate groups.

There’s also an app that allows you to find a parking space and pay for it remotely, and with the Yelp app to call on, you can find out the best local places to eat, sleep and relax, wherever you are on your journey. And with Sensus Navigation there’s a whole world of information at your disposal thanks to the availability of an onboard Google search function that helps you discover just about anything about where you are, or where you’re going.

Send to Car allows you to send destinations to the V60 from the comfort of home or at your desk, either from your browser or through the Volvo On Call app. It means that when you get into the car it already knows where to go, and can tell you how to get there in the best way.

Enhanced connectivity means that Sensus Navigation can do more for you. Using map data from the navigation system, for example, the Adaptive Cruise Control can adjust the way the engine and gearbox responds in Eco drive mode, giving you even better fuel efficiency, and automatically adapts to gradients in the road.

Thanks to the smart innovations that power Sensus Navigation in the V60, you are always one step ahead.