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We created The E.V.A. Initiative to help make cars and roads safer for all. As the next step, we wanted to learn more about how people use the safety belt, so we turned selfies into safety research. Our global #SelfieForSafety study is now ready for download.

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What did we find out?

4 in 10 participants in the study wore the safety belt incorrectly. Which means that even though the three-point safety belt has existed for 60 years, sometimes people do not use it correctly or know how to do so. Adjusting the position of the safety belt by just a few centimetres can make a real difference.

How can this contribute to better road safety?

Illustration of person wearing safety belt correctly
What you can do

When you buckle up, keep this in mind: The shoulder part of the safety belt should fit across your chest and over the shoulder, instead of on your arm. The lower part of the safety belt should be adjusted so that it’s snug and lies low over your hips. It should never go across your stomach. You should also be seated upright with your back against the seat backrest. Adjusting the seat and safety belt can help keep you both comfortable and safe.

Illustration of how to tighten the safety belt setting when seated
What we can do

These findings and insights can help us in our work to make cars and roads safer for all. For example, we learned that some people are not wearing the safety belt optimally, and there may be many reasons for that. We can use this knowledge in our safety development work and since many people took part in the project, we also hope this can spur similar studies in the future.

How did we get here?

We wanted to learn how people use the safety belt in everyday situations. So, we asked ourselves: what if we could turn selfies taken in the car into safety research? That’s why we started #SelfieForSafety — an initiative aimed at boosting our knowledge and further improve the safety of our roads.

All people had to do was take a selfie in a safely parked car, put on the belt and tag us in the photo. More than 2000 people participated in the project. We hope this study inspires more research with potential to further boost safety across the board.

People taking selfies using the safety belt