Map download for Sensus Navigation

Map download for Sensus Navigation

MapCareTM is a map update service for Volvo cars equipped with Sensus Navigation. Maps are updated in two steps. First, the map is downloaded to a USB memory and then the map is loaded from the USB memory to the car. Instructions for these steps are described in this article.


The map must be downloaded to an empty USB memory (32GB) with FAT32 formatting. If you do not have a USB memory to hand, you can download the map to another location. You then need to copy all the files to an empty USB memory later on.

Map download program

Map downloads are carried out using a program that is installed on your computer. This program helps you to download the large map file and allows you to interrupt the download and resume it later.

Perform the map update

By selecting your car and model year under the ”cars” menu option, you will access information for that car. Under the tab for software and downloads, you will find current updates related to your particular navigation system. Click on the update you want to carry out and then follow the instructions below.

Please note the following:

  • The time it takes to transfer from the USB memory to the car varies depending on the size of the map data. The update can be performed while driving. The navigation system can be used to update a map region, but to update a whole map market, e.g. the EU, the navigation system cannot be used during the update. If installation is not finished when the car is switched off then the update continues when next driving.
  • The map update is paused if the Infotainment system is switched off or if the USB memory is removed before the update is complete. The update is resumed automatically when the system is switched back on or when the USB memory is reinserted.
  • Please wait a moment before switching off the car and pulling out the USB memory stick after the transfer is complete. This is to ensure that the map has been installed correctly.
  • If you find that a map has not been installed correctly, you can try to first install a smaller map from another country (e.g. Israel) and then reinstall the required map.
  • If you want to update your navigation system with a different map to the one already in the system, contact your Volvo dealer to check that this is possible.


Depending on which system you have, select the download link for either Windows or Mac.

Select "Run" to install the map download program.

Click on "New download" to download the map to a USB memory or to the computer's hard disk drive.

You can verify that the download/copying to the USB memory stick has worked correctly before you install the map in the car by repeating steps 1-2 and then pressing on "Check download" in the download program.

Take the USB memory with the downloaded map on to your car and switch on the infotainment system.

Insert the USB memory in the USB port.

P3/P4 - Support site - MapUpdate - USB

The position of this port may vary depending on the car model.

The map update is initiated automatically. The infotainment system notifies you of the time for the update and asks you to confirm that you want to continue.

Press OK/MENU. The map update begins and a ”progress bar” is shown.

P3/P4 - Support site - Map update ongoing

Map update in progress.

Remove the USB memory when the update is complete.

If there are any problems with the map update, contact your customer support or Volvo dealer.

During the download, it is not advisable to use the mobile connection via mobile devices/phones, or in situations where the subscription used may have a monthly download limit for the amount of GB.

Car model/model year

S60, V60, XC60 of model year 2014 (2013 week 46) equipped with Sensus Navigation

Car models of model year 2015 onwards equipped with Sensus Navigation


Sensus Navigation

This article is applicable to

Car model/model year

S60, V60, XC60 of model year 2014 (2013 week 46) equipped with Sensus Navigation

Car models of model year 2015 onwards equipped with Sensus Navigation


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