Service Offers


Maintenance servicing is vital in keeping your car in its optimal condition. During which, inspections will be carried out to highlight any signs of wear and tear that may affect the performance of your car. It is important to have your car serviced at every 15,000 km or 12 months, whichever comes first. To ensure the continued enjoyment of your Volvo, we will also provide complimentary Volvo software updates, which optimises the electronic modules managing your car’s function. No other workshop can offer this.

Enjoy worry-free ownership with up to 25% off* your next Volvo servicing or prepaid service package when you book your appointment by 30 November .

Furthermore, receive the following when you purchase a prepaid servicing package:

  1. • 2x Prepaid Servicing Package – $100 service credit and 15% parts discount.
  2. • 3x Prepaid Servicing Package – $200 service credit and 20% parts discount.
  3. • 4x Prepaid Servicing Package – $200 service credit, 25% parts discount and 1 tyre rotation.
  4. • 40% off Volvo Ceramic Paint Sealant (U.P. $850)

Terms and conditions apply.

*Subject to model, mileage and service interval.

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Protect your car’s paintwork from environmental damage – UV rays, oxidation, contaminants – with the New Volvo Ceramic Paint Sealant. Our polysilazane-based ceramic coating penetrates deep into the microscopic crevices of paint and forms a tough 9H+ protective barrier over your car’s paintwork.

As a result, your car’s paintwork maintains a high gloss finish, with little maintenance required.

Now at an introductory price of $680 (U.P. $850); or
Enjoy 40% off Volvo Ceramic Paint Sealant with any Volvo Prepaid Servicing Package purchase.

Terms and conditions apply.

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