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When you choose Volvo, you benefit from even more than our range of premium cars. We believe it’s our job to not only understand the demands of fleet and the importance of thinking for tomorrow, but also the unique needs of your business. You can rest assured that we’ll be there to support your business and fleet no matter where your journey leads you.

A safe haven for drivers

More than a quarter of all road traffic accidents involve someone who is driving for work. Through our vision of no one being seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo by 2020, we’re leading the way in safety. A host of innovations – all part of the Intellisafe suite – make our cars some of the safest on the road. And, with fleets focusing on their Duty of Care to their employees, while also running a cost-effective operation, models like the award-winning New XC60 (EuroNCAP’s Overall Safest Car 2017) bring a perfect balance of world-class safety and efficiency.
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On the road, never off the grid

It’s a big world – so, keeping your fleet and your business in sync is key to enhancing productivity. Whether it’s comfort, entertainment or navigation, Volvo cars put a range of connectivity features, like the Volvo On Call app, at yours and your drivers’ fingertips and keep you both effortlessly in the loop at all times.
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Win-Win for your figures

Our innovative Drive-E powertrains bring the perfect balance of power and efficiency. By improving fuel economy and minimizing emissions, our petrol, hybrid and diesel engines bring flexibility capable of answering any business need. Plus, by 2019, every new Volvo model we launch will be available with an electric motor – putting your business at the forefront of an ever-changing business world.
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Just a call away

Experience is a powerful thing – it can give your business the confidence to act without worry. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated Business Sales call centre – our team of Regional Business Sales Managers are always on-hand to provide your business with a trusted and expert service.


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