The Volvo Range

Safety where every angle is considered

Making the safety of your fleet drivers paramount – and reducing costs for your business – through pioneering Volvo innovations.

Safety in numbers


reduced risk of serious injuries¹


safer than competitors²


fewer rear-end collisions³


the hidden cost of accidents⁴

A benefit for your balance sheet

The cost of accidents goes beyond repairs – in fact, it’s estimated that it can be up to eight times the “bent metal” cost⁴ according to a recent study by Driving for Better Business (DFBB).

With our pioneering innovations, accidents are minimised. And with it, the potential of having to cover the cost of insurance excesses, repair bills and employees being off the road.

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Our Safety Vision

No one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo.

Since 1927, when the founders of Volvo Cars chose safety as their guiding principle, we’ve been committed to creating solutions that prevent accidents and save lives. And that will never change.

In fact, we’ve only become more ambitious, creating our new safety vision – that no one should be seriously injured or killed in a new Volvo. It’s a bold statement, but it shows our commitment creating a better future. One where your drivers are protected on the road and your business is protected from accident and insurance costs.


Looking after your drivers

Your fleet should feel supported, protected and free from anxiety about accidents – which is why we created our three pillars of safety.


Driving is a simpler experience with innovations such as Lane Keeping Aid and 360゚Camera. These cutting-edge technologies, and many more, make for everyday business journeys that are safer and less stressful.


For your business, prevention is the best form of protection. Our new-generation City Safety technology is constantly aware of cars, pedestrians and large animals, and it works to mitigate any collisions.


When an accident is unavoidable, our cars employ a range of adaptive protection systems – like our world-first Run-off Road Protection – to help cushion occupants and save lives.
We’re constantly working towards our vision and making driving safer. Contact the Volvo Business Sales Team to find out how our technologies and range could benefit your fleet today.
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Our dedication to safety has reduced the risk of Volvo drivers and passengers being seriously injured in an accident by 50 per cent over a ten-year period
2 In fact, Volvo ranked as the safest car brand in Folksam study
3 According to a report from Euro NCAP
4 A recent study by Driving for Better Business (DFBB) has indicated that the real cost of accidents could be up to eight times the “bent metal” cost