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Volvo Cars retail sales up 9.6 per cent in first nine months of 2016

Volvo Cars continued its global sales momentum in September and reported its 16th consecutive month of global growth on the back of increases in all main regions. Sales for the first nine months are up 9.6 per cent year-on-year to 379,329 cars, while September sales rose by 6 per cent to 48,259 cars.

• Monthly and year-to-date sales growth in all main regions, total global sales of 379,329 cars
• September represents 16th consecutive month of growth
• September sales up 6 per cent to 48,259 cars, driven by strong 27.8 per cent growth in China
• Strong demand for new XC90 main growth driver
• UK sales of 34,861 so far this year, up 7.6 per cent on 2015's figures

Human Made Stories

Volvo Car UK has today announced Human Made Stories, a series of short films in partnership with Sky Atlantic, to mark its new 90 series range of cars.
In parallel with Volvo's values of innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship and design, Human Made Stories conveys the Volvo philosophy to always put people first by telling the stories of three defiant pioneers: people who inherently do things differently, challenge conventions and create their own path.

DAB Switch over

Volvo Cars Cardiff

Volvo cars cardiff are offering a range of acessories to make new and used Volvo's compatible with the DAB Radio switch over.

Volvo Car UK have partnered with Pure to bring you an in car, fully integrated version of DAB. Pure are the world's leading manufacturer of wireless music and internet radio systems and the creator of the Evoke-1S, the world's most popular and iconic digital radio. The product we have chosen won Auto Express product of the year 2012.

  • At just £295 fully fitted (including VAT) the Pure Highway 300Di is available to
    fit the large majority of our cars going back to MY02 for XC90.
  • Pure radios support all the broadcast standards in the DAB family used across
    all key markets in Europe and beyond. Designed and engineered in the UK,
    all of Pure's products are manufactured with the environment in mind and at
    ethically audited facilities. Pure is a division of Imagination Technologies Group
  • The Government is scheduled to announce a switchover date for the UK in
    2013. There are three targets the Government has set before the
    actual switchover will take place;
             - 50% of all radio listening is digital
             - National DAB coverage is comparable to FM
             - Local DAB reaches 90% of the population and all major roads
  • The in-car radio adapter connects to the existing car stereo and is fully integrated
  • Pause and rewind live radio (up to 15 minutes)
  • Full Apple connectivity
  • Charge devices using the USB port
  • Auto tuning
  • Connect any MP3 player with an Aux-in connection
  • Station list updates continuously, removes ‘dead’ stations whilst travelling in different areas
  • National MW/LW channels available in high quality DAB

If you would like any more information on the DAB switch over or would like to know how it would effect your Volvo please contact Volvo Cars Cardiff on 02920 644300.

Q: What stations can I listen to with a digital radio?
A: On average, digital radio doubles the number of stations you can receive (compared with licensed AM/FM UK stations).

 Q: Why are we switching to digital radio?
A: FM is full and has reached the limit of its capabilities and like other media, radio needs to have a digital future to meet listeners’ expectations. Digital broadcasting is more efficient and we need to invest now in infrastructure for
the future.

Q: What is DAB+?
A: DAB+ is not currently used in the UK but is an upgraded version of the technology used to bring you DAB digital radio. DAB+ uses exactly the same transmitters and broadcast technology as DAB, it simply converts sound to
digital in a different way and therefore requires sets capable of receiving DAB+.

Q: Can I get local stations from other parts of the country?
A: No. Because it’s a terrestrial transmission system, you can only receive local stations within their transmitter range. So, for example, you can’t get BBC Radio Wales on DAB digital radio if you live in Scotland. However, you
can access local radio from around the country via the internet or digital TV.

Q: Can I receive stations from America or other countries on my DAB receiver?
A: No. Unlike satellite radio or Internet radio, DAB radio is land-based and operates only within its transmission range.

Q: Can I take my DAB digital radio abroad and still listen to the same stations?
A: No. DAB digital radio is a terrestrial technology using land-based transmitters. You can only listen to stations when you are within their transmission range.

Q: If I take my DAB digital radio abroad, will I be able to pick up foreign DAB services?
A: Yes. In the UK, DAB services are broadcast on a band of spectrum called Band III. Many European countries also use Band III, although some use a different band of spectrum called L Band. And, just to be awkward, some
countries, such as Germany, use Band III in one part of the country and L Band in another.

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Volvo Testing 100 Driverless Cars

Volvo's leading the way

Volvo are leading the way with new self-drive technologies, as they plan to test 100 driverless cars in China. This will be a huge leap towards the aim not cause any deaths in a new Volvo. Some models on the range already feature sensors so that the car understands what is around it and can react or alert the driver accordingly. People in China will be testing these cars on public roads in everyday conditions, however Volvo are yet to decide which city their testing will begin in."Autonomous driving can make a significant contribution to road safety," said Hakan Samuelsson, president and chief executive of Volvo. "The sooner [autonomous] cars are on the roads, the sooner lives will start being saved."

Celebrating Cardiff as Host Port for Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18

Volvo Ocean Race

Roger Pugsley, Dealer Principal, Volvo Cars Cardiff comments, "We remain extremely excited following the news that our wonderful Welsh capital will host a stopover of the world-renowned Volvo Ocean Race. The world's premier round-the-world sailing race visits Wales for the first time ever for the 13th edition, which takes place in 2017-18. It also marks the return of the race to the United Kingdom for the first time in over a decade".

The 12th edition takes place from 2014-15 but the Race's Chief Operating Officer Tom Touber announced the good news for Cardiff at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay on 6th March. As the local Volvo dealership, we were invited along to hear it and enjoy the celebrations. Whilst we have a few years to plan, you can be sure we will be marking the event in style and, as part of the Volvo brand, promoting our connection with one of the most exciting races in the sailing calendar. The Volvo Ocean Race, which began life in Portsmouth as the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1973, moved its headquarters from England to its new home in Alicante, Spain in 2010. The last time the UK had a stopover was in 2005-06 in Portsmouth. We were in very good company when the announcement was made - Edwina Hart, Minister for Business, Enterprise, Technology and Science in the Welsh government, Cardiff Council Leader Cllr Heather Joyce and Cardiff Council Cabinet Member for Sports, Leisure and Culture Cllr Huw Thomas. We’re absolutely delighted that Cardiff has been selected to host this event, which will bring thousands of visitors to our city and allow us to showcase what Wales can offer to the world. It’s a great opportunity and one we hope you’ll share with us in the years ahead.