Volvo Car Warranty

Terms & Conditions

1. Servicing and repairs should be carried out by an authorised Volvo repairer. Servicing must be undertaken in accordance with the Volvo service programme. Every service must be carried out within one month or 1,000 miles of the specified service interval.

2. The driver must take all reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage and should a fault develop, the vehicle must be stopped immediately to minimise any damage.

3. The administrators reserve the right to examine the vehicle and subject any components to expert assessment.

4. Should a covered mechanical or electrical failure cause damage directly to the insured vehicle or personal possessions, the maximum amounts the insurer will contribute are as follows:
a. Damage to the insured vehicle – up to the purchase price of the vehicle in total for any and all claims during the period of insurance.
b. Damage to personal possessions – £250 inc VAT per accident to a total of £1,000 inc VAT maximum for the period of the insurance.

This does not include:
a. Fire damage.
b. Any loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly from an accident or impact involving the insured vehicle.
c. Personal or third party injury or death.
d. Any other loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever caused.


This insurance does not apply in respect of:

1. Public service vehicles including police vehicles.
2. Any vehicle used for hire or reward (e.g. taxis, self-drive hire, driving schools etc.) or any vehicles owned by contract hire or similar companies, or any commercial vehicle over 3.5 tonnes GVW or a vehicle used in any sort of competition, rally or racing of any kind.
3. Vehicles which have undergone any performance related modifications, or are used for competition purposes.
4. Routine servicing, the adjustment of any component or repairs regarded as normal maintenance operations.
5. Loss or damage recoverable under any other warranty or insurance cover.
6. Depreciation, loss of earnings, death or bodily injury.
7. Mechanical failure or damage:
a. Caused by frost, corrosion, flooding, impact, fire, accidental damage, vandalism, abuse or neglect.
b. Where the defect is likely to have existed prior to the commencement of this policy.
c. Resulting from a lack of anti-freeze, lubricants, hydraulic fluid or faulty repair or servicing.
d. Caused by an ingress of foreign matter or the use of a grade of fuel, lubricants, additives or any fluids not approved for your vehicle by the manufacturer.